Your task 1

It had made a big change in my life. When I decided to give up the university to get another bigger in HCM city. 7 year Ago. I were a student of Dalat University, where I made friend with some students who came from other province. One of them convinced me to took a challenge . he asked me for prepare to take an examinition of the bigger university in HCM city. First I had afraid because I didn’t trust to my self that I can passed it , but I had a little change then because i didn’t really like the subject which i had studying. I decided to change to the speccially subject that i very interesting in . This is the reason for my decision. I have decided to take a challenge.So we prepared for the examination for 5 Month. At that time, I almost didn’t have free time for myself, I wen;t to library from 7:00 AM and return my house at 10:00PM. All day I focused to review the lesson and wen’t to class.
I had passed the examinations easily. On the other hand,  I failed some Subjects at old schools but i didn’t feel unhappy. 3 month after get result, I went to HCM city and began 4 year in the big university. but it is other stories i will tell you later. I want to thanks to  my friend who make my life changes to other branch.

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