Free feeling…. , I am happing …

Something have been happen……… Working very hard for a long times (2 months continuity). My team & i have been fight with crazy project & client, It made me lose weight a little,Finally, We have just won it.
Today is the staturday , don’t need to work, don’t need to go to offices. don’t need to read and reply email, How the world beautifull now, I love it.
My life have began a new challenge , It really hard for me but i will overcome it, thanks for your support all my friend.
For you,  I hope you will win the schoolarship. My mon has asked me about marriage with you this moon, It make me feel happy but a little sad. because 5 year is really a long time for challenging my heart. But trusting me, I love you and it will be a short time in my mind. this time migth possible to help me prepare more for our family, Like you said " Small family".
Now i going to plaining for the small family, for you and me, for all about our like after 5 years … . I see that my life will be busy so much.
My blog  haven’t been updated for a longtime, but now it will not any more.
let funny with 31 words is the most beautifull word in english:

  • 1. mother: người mẹ, tình mẫu tử
  • 2. passion: tình cảm, cảm xúc
  • 3. smile: nụ cười thân thiện
  • 4. love: tình yêu
  • 5. eternity: sự bất diệt, vĩnh cửu
  • 6. fantastic: xuất sắc, tuyệt vời
  • 7. destiny: số phận, định mệnh
  • 8. freedom: sự tự do
  • 9. liberty: quyền tự do
  • 10. tranquility: sự bình yên
  • 11. peace: sự hoà bình
  • 12. blossom: sự hứa hẹn, triển vọng
  • 13. sunshine: ánh nắng, sự hân hoan
  • 14. sweetheart: người yêu dấu
  • 15. gorgeous: lộng lẫy, huy hoàng
  • 16. cherish: yêu thương
  • 17. enthusiasm: sự hăng hái, nhiệt tình
  • 18. hope: sự hy vọng
  • 19. grace: sự duyên dáng
  • 20. rainbow: cầu vồng, sự may mắn
  • 21. blue: màu thiên thanh
  • 22. sunflower: hoa hướng dương
  • 23. twinkle: sự long lanh
  • 24. serendipity: sự tình cờ, may mắn
  • 25. bliss: niềm vui sướng vô bờ
  • 26. lullaby: bài hát ru con, sự dỗ dành
  • 27. sophisticated: sự tinh vi
  • 28. renaissance: sự phục hưng
  • 29. cute: xinh xắn đáng yêu
  • 30. cosy: ấm cúng
  • 31. butterfly: bươm bướm, sự kiêu sa.
  • 32 to be defined.

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