Hidden Yahoo Emoticons

With nearly 100 default emoticons, Yahoo Messenger easily has the most impressive selection of standard emoticons and smileys. And when it comes to hidden emoticons, Yahoo is easily king of the mountain.

Here is a listing of all Yahoo hidden emoticons, all free to use:





Puppy dog eyes emoticon, great for getting what you want


I don’t know, good emoticon for when you’re confused


Not listening smiley, for when the truth it too much to bear


Pig emoticon, oink oink


Cow emoticon, letting out a big moo


Monkey emoticon with a funny expression


Chicken emoticon, quite cute


A beautiful red rose emoticon


Four-leaf clover emoticon for good luck


USA Flag emoticon, waving American flag


Pumpkin emoticon, good for Halloween


Coffee cup emoticon, for caffeine addicts


Got an idea? use this hidden smiley


Chattering Skull Emoticon


A strange green bug


This smiley turns out to be an alien in disguise!


Frustrated smiley


Praying, this little smiley is saying his prayers


Money eyes, this is one greedy smiley


Whistling emoticon, cool animation


Smiley getting punched, with black eye and all


Smiley showing the peace sign


Shame on you, tut tut


Dancing emoticon, he is quite happy


Bring it on!


Hee Hee, cute and girly giggling emoticon


Chatterbox, some people never shut up


Not worthy, giving praise


oh go on!


Star emoticon








Yin Yang symbol

As you can see, Yahoo has a huge amount of hidden smileys and emoticons, most of which are very well designed. Most of the secret icons in Yahoo are smileys, and not emoticons.

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